White wines:

One in barrel the white wines finish their alcoholic fermentation. This is followed by malolactic fermentation (which naturally reduces acid levels in the wine), accompanied by occasional stirring of the lees which adds richness and complexity to the wines.


Red wines:

After drawing off, the wine descends by gravity into the barrels in the cellar.

Malolactic fermentation takes place during the winter, during this maturing phase.


We use barrels exclusively made from French oak, with around 10% new for the regional appellations, 15 to 20% for the villages, and 25 to 30% pour the Premier Crus.


After 9 to 11 months in barrel, the wines are racked and blended in vats 2 to 3 months before bottling. The whites are fined and filtered, and the red wines are filtered only.


Bottling takes place on the domaine, and for this we choose the period of the waning moon which brings exceptional freshness and fruit to the wines.




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