The bunches of grapes are picked and sorted by hand, with a first sort in the vineyard and a second using a sorting table in the grape reception area of the winery. Since 2003 we have benefited from the professional advice of an oenologist, who brings us his vision of the vintage in order to obtain the maximum potential from our grapes.


White grapes:

The white grapes are directly pressed in a pneumatic press, and the resultant juice is chilled and allowed to decant in the vat for between 24 and 36 hours.

Alcoholic fermentation can then begin in the vat and is completed in barrels.


Red grapes:

After their passage on the sorting table, the grapes are totally destemmed and then macerate for 15 days in vats.

This period commences with 5 days’ cold maceration with the objective of extracting the fruit characters from the grapes.  This is followed by an increase in temperature during which pumping over and punching down will liberate the tannins present in the grape skins.  And finally, the temperature is raised to around 32°C for 5 to 7 days to stabilise colour and tannins.




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