We grow our vineyard of 21.50 hectares with the help of three permanent employees and seasonal workers during the summer.


The Chardonnay is pruned using the Guyot simple method, and for the Pinot Noir we use a combination of Guyot simple and Cordon de Royat. All the parcels are ploughed in the spring to encourage the vines’ root development and thus bring out the expression of the terroir.


Work such as debudding, trellissing and leaf thinning, which is all carried out by hand, allows us to control yields and create air around the bunches of grapes in order to prevent disease and obtain perfectly healthy grapes.


The vines are managed using reasoned agricultural methods, where keen observation of the vegetation and control of its development permit treatment products to be kept to a minimum.




Château de la Charrière

Domaine Yves GIRARDIN


Great Burgundy wines at Santenay

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